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At Masía Aitona, "Amores perros"

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Where would we be without our doggies Tuca and Lola?

They give us life, unconditional love, unforgettable moments… For this reason, and because we know what it means to love our most faithful friends, at Masia Aitona we want you to enjoy the company of your pet during your stay.

You will be able to go for long walks on the Masia Aitona estate or outside, without risk, as there is practically no traffic in the surrounding area.

You will have food and water for your dogs in case you need it.

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Running, jumping and playing, just like Tuca and Lola do. Dogs in the country are happy, and at Masia Aitona we want your dog to be happy too, and we will do our best to make him happy.

Don’t hesitate, welcome to Masia Aitona. We admit all kinds of pets, even if we feel something special about dogs. All our animal friends are allowed on board in our “Noah’s Ark”.