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Would you like to cook
 for dinner or have lunch without leaving Masia Aitona?, we put the kitchen at your disposal. You can have crockery, cutlery and basic products for cooking.

Breakfast: you will enjoy a complete “continental” breakfast that includes, among other ingredients: artisan bread from Ibarsos, jams and olive oil from Villafamés, and “Pending” tomatoes from les Crevades.

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The Barbecue of Masia Aitona, is a meeting place, to take some wines while cooking some meat or fish on the grill, or why not, a paella or a fideuá to your liking. We provide you with the wood or the gas oven, you only have to ask for them.


Don’t worry, you won’t be isolated from the world, at Masia Aitona we inform you about all the tourist attractions around us; we have prepared some routes so that you can get to know the province of Castellón. Restaurants, Museums, wine cellars, hiking routes……any information you need about the area will be at your disposal.

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If you don’t have a car and you don’t feel like renting one, don’t worry, we have a transfer service upon request. To the airport, the train station or wherever you want.

If you want to go to a music festival or to a wine cellar and you don’t feel like driving in “bad conditions”, Masia Aitona offers you the service of “Transfers”, don’t hesitate to ask.