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The Rooms

* The Chaouen Room has a private bathroom, fully equipped and with wheelchair accessible shower.
* 22 meters of space dedicated to Chaouen, one of our favorite villages in Morocco.
* With heating for the winter and ceiling fan for the summer, like the other rooms, the Chaouen also has direct access to the inner courtyard, which is the “treasure” of Masia Aitona.


* The Meknes room pays tribute to another imperial city in Morocco.
* It has a full private bathroom and two windows looking out onto the outside and the inner courtyard.
* Like the other rooms, it has heating for the cold winter nights and a fan for the summer.



* The Rabat room is dominated by the blue colour of the streets of the Medina of the Moroccan capital.
* As in the other rooms, the Rabat also has a complete private bathroom, a fan for the summer and heating for the winter.
* With direct access to the flowery courtyard, it is the closest room to the living-dining room.


* The Fez Room has two 100 cm wide beds for single or double use.
* With two windows to the outside and to the patio, the room also has, like the rest, heating and a fan for the summer.
* Full bathroom, with hairdryer and towel sets for the toilet and pool, available in all rooms.



* All rooms have Smart TV with access to Netflix, Filmin and Amazon prime video, optional free crib, extra pillows, wide coverage wifi, and bar service available.